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by tribaleditor
05 Nov 2017, 22:14
Forum: Wanted Flyers
Topic: to the core mag lost...
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to the core mag lost...

Hi im in 1 of the "to the core" mags and lost the only copy i had years ago.. i was just wondering
if any1 had any copies.. the only thing is i don't remember which 1 it was..
by tribaleditor
26 Mar 2016, 12:27
Forum: Wanted Flyers
Topic: To the core Mag's?
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To the core Mag's?

Hi there, i have been looking for a copy of a To the core Mag for years.. im not 100% sure which edition it was in, but i wrote a story in 1 of them and got the only copy i had nicked years ago.. If you could have a flick though the ones you have to see if you have the copy im after i would be for e...

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