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Oli Timmins

Post by Wigs » 07 Jun 2009, 16:55

After graduating in New Media/Fine Art from the University of Wales, Newport in the mid 1980s, Oli Timmins continued to explore new directions in areas as diverse as print making and the burgeoning field of computer design, with his work seen on flyers and posters for numerous club nights and raves in the late 80s and early 90s (such as Universe, Vibes Alive, 98 Proof and Sutra), combining printed art with different media such as textiles, photography, packaging and corporate identity.

Having been an important presence on the hugely dynamic Bristol music and art scene for the last twenty-five years, he was responsible for some of the first spray art seen in the city. and has been a long-term collaborator with Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack and other local artists and musicians. His work is influenced by a wide range of artists from Stuart Davies, Peter Blake, Jamie Reid, J. Otto Seibold to the St. Ives school of artists.

Rejecting any attempt to pigeonhole his work, Oli defines himself as a “creative all-rounder”, equally at home with graphics, typography, photography, printmaking, painting, film making, animation (including work with Aardman in 2002), DJing and designing club interiors and visuals.

For the last 14 years Oli has combined his freelance work with teaching graphic design, animation, video and photography at Filton College in Bristol, training a whole new generation of artists.

Oli’s work continues to maintain a healthy balance between traditional artistic techniques and innovative digital design. He has now turned his attention to breathing new life into some of the most iconic imagery from the heady days of acid house and beyond, reinterpreting his own flyer artwork and logos in a series of canvases that capture the true zeitgeist of the period through contemporary urban art techniques.
His most recent work was displayed at ‘Our History’, an exhibition at the Huntingdon Project Space in London celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Acid House in the UK, alongside artists such as Jimmy Caulty, Jamie Reid, Mark Little and Trevor Johnson.

He has also exhibited work in Cambridge and St. Ives.

According to fellow Bristolian and world-renowned graffiti artist Tom ‘Inkie’ Bingle, “Oli was a major influence on me as a graphic designer in the late eighties and early nineties, I learnt a lot of my typography tricks from reverse engineering his club flyer artwork.”




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