Stacks of Dance Music Magazines

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Stacks of Dance Music Magazines

Post by UkAcidhouse » 26 Jun 2014, 14:25

Stacks of Dance Music Magazines, UK Acidhouse is listing now & all items 2go...

Muzik Magazine No 36 May-98 Tony De Vit on the cover
DJ Magazine Issue 20 Vol 2 Aug-98 Berlin Love Parade, K-Klass
Young People Now - April 1992 (Ecstasy) Apr-92 This write up type report was published in a Youth Magazine (5pages)
Night - Night magazine (pre Disco Mirror) Apr-99 Lots of news from the night time industry includes the new look Ministry
Disco Mirror #
Ace of Clubs ? Flyer to promote Issue 2
Club-On (spider publishing) for the London Area Aug-01 New handy sized guide and night life/time guide for the London area
The Slackers Guide to DJ'ing # Mini Booklet from MixMag
Ear To The Ground Fanzine - RAVE ON GAME 1991 This crazy board type game was a pull out an keep from Ear To The Ground.. D.T.R
D.J Magazines 16 page Guild to Dance Music Labels Nov-91 This very colourful booklet was with the Nov-issues of DJ Mag
RAGE (TBC) - You Gotta Have-it 1991 The 250 must have items - haircuts, t-shirts, gadgets, the rest of what people thought..
DJ World "DJ's And Remixers" Autum 1998 A supplement from the DJ Mag for new technology complied by Sound Division
Mixmag , Club Listings 32 Page Guide - Issue 3 May-00 32 page club listing guide from the Mixmag
Ear To The Ground - 5 - god save the rave, into a new decade 1990 Number 5 of this very underground magazine for a very underground party seen
Ear To The Ground - 6 - (Boomtown, Scotland & Cuckoos In The Nest) 1990 The 6th Ear To The Ground, with reports on Boomtown in Scotland, Uticks Nest, Blackburn
Ear To The Ground - 7 - (various inc' first class DTR Artwork) 1991 This has become "A New Age Magazine" and with this edition A FREE -RAVE ON GAME
Ear To The Ground - 8 - Raveheads from outa space 1991 Number 8,with more reports and reviews and some great cartoons. Raveheads from..
Ear To The Ground - 9 "for Ravers by Ravers" (DTR & Mr Moon Artwork) 1991 The 9th edition of the Ear to the ground (now noted -not to be sold to minors-)
Ear To The Ground - 10 - (Revenge, Love Decade, Welly & Laycock) 1991 This being what was the last of the Ear to the ground magazine, had myself on page 3
Club-On "Night life guide for the London Area" Aug-01 Spider Publishing - Do an A2 Foldout CLUB-ON Guide for London
Very old Mixmag - Raindance Indian Summer - Others # on back interviews with DJ's Dave Charnley & Steve Williams - Hackets Blackpool
NORTHERN LIGHTS - No:2 (Nice magazine outer the NW) Nov-91 Good magazine and a very interesting read.. Only wish these magazines could of continued
ETERNITY - ISSUE No. 1 (The first issue of the Eternity) Dec-92 This copy of Eternity was given to me outside the orbit nightclub. A Fantastic read..
UpTown NorthWest - Entertainments Guide Dec-92 A Guide for north west , newspaper format.. (nuff said)
The POINT - Dance and night time guide Fri Oct 1992 A Newspaper format type night time clubbers guild (hummm)
The MINT (free magazine) Club culture.. Issue No 49 20-Mar-95 This little clubbers guild I think was handed to ya when coming out of clubs…
Partysan uk No5 05-Jan A good 30 page guide.
DJ Magazine Issue 10 Vol 2 Mar-95 Trade in South Africa, LTJ Bukem, Pressure Drop, MJ Cole, Lionrock
DJ Magazine Issue 155 20 Dec 95 - Jan 96 Criminal Justice Act, Ecstasy, Superclubs, Slip n Slide MixTape
DJ Magazine Issue 1 Vol 2 25 Oct - 7 Nov 97 Faithless, Roy Davis Jr, Eat Static, SL1200 a sex aid, Detroit past present future
DJ Magazine Issue 198 13-26 Sept 97 Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson, Tony Humphries, Notting Hill Carnival, Busta Rhymes
Mixmag , Club Listings 32 Page Guide - Issue 8 Mar-01 Canada, Glasgow, Ultra Vegas, Love To Be, Bliss, Frisky
Mixmag, 50 Page Guide to Clubbing Holidays 1998 Ibiza Guide, Sydney, New York, Berlin, Goa, Cape Town, Lisbon more
The Scoundrel Issue Five Aug-97 Zeitgeist, Stress Records, Club Listings, Rise, Renassance, Lush, more
The Scoundrel Issue Two Feb-96 Stress Records, Club Listings, Music Releases, more
The Scoundrel Issue 3 Aug-96 Stress Records, Club Listings, Music Releases, more
Update - Issue 497 11-17 Aug 97 Essential Dance Music Weekly, Sasha Live in NYC, Listings
Mixmag Special - 1987-1997 Ten Years Of Clubbing 1997 22 page large booklet, Full details for each year
Mixmag Special - 50 Greatest Dance Albums Jan-96 The 50 Best Dance Albums
DJ Magazine - Ibiza 99 1999 Massive 82 page magazine with Full Listings for this year in Ibiza
DJ Magazine - Ibiza 98 1998 56 page supplement on this years best clubs, bars, beaches and the DJs to see.
DJ Magazine - Ibiza 97 1997 The islands listings thid guide to a good holiday in Ibiza
Muzik - First Issue June 1995 Jun-95 The first issue of this fantasic dance music magazine, Glastonbury 95
Muzik Magazine No 42 Nov-98 Dance Awards, Dub Pistols, Afrika Bambaataa, Listings, Feat CD.
Muzik Magazine No 7 Dec-95 Cream 3rd Birthday, Black Grape, Fabio, Feat Mix TAPE.
Muzik Magazine No 38 Jul-98 Fatboy Slim, Beastie Boys, Deep Dish, 4 Hero, Feat Summer Ants CD
Mixmag - Issue 89 October 1998 Oct-98 Fatboy Slim, Beastie Boys, Cassius, Aphrodite, 36 Banned New Drugs
Mixmag - Issue 73 Vol 2 - June 1997 Jun-97 The Day Trafalgar Square Danced, Renaissance, How to Dance, Wu Tang Clan
Mixmag - Issue 66 Vol 2 - November 1996 Nov-96 Money Money Money, Bjork, Noel Gallagher, Chemical Brothers.
Ministry - Issue 32 - Sept 2000 Sep-00 Posh and Decks, Love parade, Josh Wink, more
Muzik Magazine - No 34 - March 1998 Mar-98 1988-98 10 years of Acid House, Feat CD, Orbit, What if Acid House never happened.

Check link for images of the items.
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Re: Stacks of Dance Music Magazines

Post by bentawil » 16 Nov 2014, 14:26


I was wondering if you were selling any of the music magazines. I am particularly interested in the earto the ground fanzine. I would really like issue 9 'for ravers by ravers. If you are selling what do you want for that issue.

Many Thanks


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Re: Stacks of Dance Music Magazines

Post by UkAcidhouse » 19 Nov 2014, 18:40

Ear To The Ground, Hummmmmmmm....

It be very very very hard to part with, parts of my life's moments...
Ear To The Ground
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